As-cast Finish Concrete

As-cast finish concrete, also known as decorative concrete for its decorative effect, different from normal one, is once for all with only the natural surface as its decoration. Angular, environment-friendly, flat and smooth, with leveling shade and no stress mark, it is natural and dignified, with only shielding fluxes on its surface. As-cast finish concrete as a newly developing technology in China, mastered by only few companies. 60% of the final effect of this construction technology depends on the quality of concrete pouring and the rest on transparent shielding spraying construction in later stage, making as-cast finish concrete a great challenge for the level of construction.

Compared with normal concrete, as-cast finish concrete demands a lot: before concrete making, concrete ingredients must be tested about the color and then be used with well-distributed vibration at certain temperature from April to October.

For as-cast finish concrete is once for all and definitive, window and door holes connecting the wall, elements and embedded parts must be designed and located in advance, and distributed along with civil construction. There being no exterior cushion and plastering layer, notch for installing elements like window and door must be reserved, and if there is downspout on wall, exposed parts like vents must be designed to well connect the visible joints.

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