About Huitao

Headquartered in Beijing, Huitao Technology Co. Ltd. (NASDAQ:HHT), formerly known as China Advanced Construction Materials Group Inc (China ACM), is a professional company specializing concrete production, sophisticated admixtures, and sales marketing. China ACM was approved as “Resources Comprehensive Utilization Enterprise” and “Advance and New Technology Enterprise” by the government,.

Huitao Technology Co. Ltd. supports a professional concrete research and development institution, holds a large amount of technologically advanced domestic commodity concrete?production results and has received many patents. In 2003, our company had overcome and achieved three international standard certificates: IS0 90001/2000 quality management standard, IS0 4000?environment control standard, OHSAS18000?occupational safety and health management standard and most importantly, the Certificate of comprehensive Utilization of resource issued by China’s National Development and Reform Commission, marching a closer step towards our ambitious goal of creating an international concrete trademark for China.?

Over the years, our company has accumulated excellent business cooperation with the top 10 major construction companies and general contractors in China. China ACM have worked with China Construction Co. Ltd, China Communications Construction Co. Ltd, and many other large-scale state-owned contractors, becoming a concrete supplier for multiple national iconic construction development projects in many different countries. In recent years, our company has participated in many crucial development projects in China, such as Beijing South Railway Station, CCTV Headquarters, Tianjin Railway, and many other Beijing- Shanghai Railway projects and we are stabilizing each footstep marching towards the development of iconic projects within the country-nuclear plants, railway, water conservation project and so on. Despite the devoted efforts we have contributed in national projects, our company is trying to build a flawless layout to increase our ready mix concrete distributions in the Second and Third-Tier cities. .

Huitao Technology Co. Ltd. regards quality and customer as our top proprieties, and we set the strategy to guarantee our product quality. Simultaneously, we are striving to build an international and environment-friendly brand through means of technology, thus achieving optimal configuration and comprehensive utilization of resources to become the top in China.

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